We have complete trust that our home and animals will be safe

We always use Leave It To Shoo when we travel!  We have complete trust that our home and animals will be safe and well taken care of when we are gone.  Shoo has always been flexible with meeting our needs and working around our schedule.  I also love that she sends us a text update after each visit so that we will have peace of mind that everything is taken care of. She is very professional and I highly recommend using her services!

Casey B

Shoo's Home Security Service

Shoo's home security service always gives us peace of mind when we travel. She has always been able to accommodate our individual requests and that's particularly helpful when we remember that we have inadvertently left the thermostat set to a wrong temperature after we're out of town!  A simple email request solved that issue and made us feel at ease."

Wayne B.,Vancouver, WA

She Gets Five Stars in My Book

Shoo's pet care services are wonderful and fill a need for pet owners who want to make sure their pets are taken care of consistently and lovingly.  Shoo left notes about each pet's needs/reactions to her visits and there were never any concerns -- only relief that all was well.  She likes to vary the schedule for pet feedings/visits so that the pets do not "habitualize" the time slot which seems like a good idea--more realistic for the owners.   Shoo also brings in mail, paper, deliveries, and waters plants on a schedule if needed.  She gets five stars in my book!

Katherine N.

She Carries our Instructions Out to the Letter

We have entrusted our animals to the care and expertise of Shoo over the past 5 years.  The animals respond well to her and she is equally adept at remembering all of their idiosyncrasies and needs, their likes and dislikes.  Above all she carries our instructions out to the letter.  Considering we have a small farm with four dogs, chickens, three cats, and a herd of goats, that is no small feat!

It is very evident Shoo has a genuine gift to be able to connect with animals and takes great pride in her work.  Her communications with humans is also superb.  She is very professional in demeanor, gracious and responsive to occasional last minute requests.  All in all, working with Shoo is a most pleasant experience and we have never been disappointed.

Pandora and Mark M.
Cloud Nine Farm

We Highly Recommend Shoo

We were lucky enough to find Shoo several years ago.  During the years she has cared for our indoor cat, our tropical fish, and (for shorter stays) our small dog.

We love Shoo (don't know about the fish who only go glub, blub -- but everyone else does).  She is professional, caring and wonderfully quick in responding to our calls or emails.  And when we are on longer trips and/or out of the country, we are confident that our cat, dog, fish and the outdoor feeders for birds are all properly tended.  We don't know what we would do without her.

We have recommended Shoo to neighbors who we know are as pleased with her services as we are.  We would recommend her highly.

Barbara and David K.

Gentle Loving Hands

To everyone looking for some gentle loving hands to place in the care of their pets: I am happy to recommend ” Leave it to Shoo,” pet sitting service. She is patient, and has a kind spirit, making you feel comfortable knowing you are leaving your babies in good hands. She has been a life saver for me on short notice, and very reliable whether it has been short notice or a planned vacation for an extended time. When you get home, you will find your pets happy and well. We all worry about them in our absence but, ” Leaving it to Shoo” will help you to relax knowing that your kids are well cared for.

L. Boyer

Seven Adopted Stray Cats

Shoo takes care of our adopted stray cats which we love dearly. They all have different needs and come in each night, so its a challenge to gather them up to bring them in. Shoo does this for us on a daily basis when we need to be away. In addition, it is quite a feeding and cleaning schedule. When we return, they are all home and in healthy condition. We are very happy with the care they receive, and definitely would recommend her pet care services.”

D. & P. Weaver

Choose Shoo!

Shoo is excellent with pets. She truly cares how they are doing while their “parents” are away. She is dependable, reliable, pleasant, and trustworthy. I work out of town and use her often. I never worry about my “children” while she is in charge of their care. I highly recommend her!”

H. White

High maintenance pets?

Hi, our Mom travels a lot for work and play, she is often gone several days at a time. Shoo is like our second Mom. We take her on walks a couple times a day and have slumber parties with her!! We are really high-maintenance French Bulldogs with special needs and Mama Shoo takes extra special care of us so we don’t worry about when our Mom will be back.
– Napoleon & Josephine
FROM Their Owner:
Shoo does an outstanding job taking care of my high-maintenance French Bulldogs. I often travel for business, gone several days at a time. Its great to know that Shoo is caring for my babies when I am not there to do so. If you have a pet, you need to know Shoo!!!”

T. Nelson, Vancouver

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